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“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.
– John F. Kennedy


We understand how important every part of your lifestyle.

Looking after that is our top priority, so here’s a curated list of some of the resources and amenities within the Okanagan.

The Okanagan

Now one of the fastest-growing regions in British Columbia, the Okanagan is popular year-round with retirees, second home owners, and younger families seeking to escape from urban life. Kelowna often gets labeled as a retirement community but what many fail to realize is people tend to retire based on a desired lifestyle not where they have to live.

This “lifestyle” is a key factor amongst almost all Okanagan residents from young to old.

Current statistics show Kelowna specifically is currently the fastest growing city in Canada.  The average housing price is approximately $638,000 compared to the same period last year of approximately $530,000.  We are also seeing that days a home is on the market is reduced significantly over the last couple of years.  Kelowna has always been a sought after location to reside and with the job market in British Columbia not slowing down for employment.  It’s not just vacation destination.

Vancouver’s real estate market has recently seen explosive growth in housing prices. Recently a home in Vancouver sold for more than $750,000 over asking price.  With programs put in place we are seeing this market finally slowing down somewhat.

Many speculate that the recent spike in home prices in the Lower Mainland will result in many baby boomers selling their Vancouver homes to capitalize on the lower housing prices in other regions of BC prior to a major push in our market due to demand.

Vancouver’s close proximity to Kelowna has always made Kelowna a top choice for those looking to relocate from the lower mainland.   Investors alike are looking to the Okanagan to park their money knowing its current growth, there will be a strong return on investment.

In review, Kelowna is certainly the place to invest on a home and to compliment this with the lifestyle is the route to go if this is what you are seeking.

Less than 400 kilometers east of Vancouver is the Okanagan Valley, the region referred to as “Napa North.” The Okanagan climate is milder, drier, and sunnier than the coast, which has given rise to a young, yet world class wine industry.

While the Okanagan has neither the number of wineries nor the extensive tourist infrastructure as the States below us there is good wine, plenty to do, and scads of opportunities in tourism, real estate, and other industries such as the emerging tech industry.

With a chain of lakes and the mountains nearby, the Okanagan’s natural setting make it a great place to live. From Vernon in the north, to Kelowna in the central Okanagan and Penticton and beyond to the south in Osoyoos, the Okanagan has mountains, lakes, parks, beaches, vineyards, orchards, a desert, paths to hike and bike, cliffs to scale, and a rich history to discover. The Okanagan has historically been an agricultural area. Known for “beaches and peaches,” it’s long been a summer vacation spot for families who come to swim in the lakes and hike in the hills, and a winter getaway for “snowbirds” from other parts of Canada.

Kelowna specifically boasts all the amenities of a major city: fine dining, unique shops and vibrant culture yet orchards, vineyards and world class golf courses thrive within a 10-minute drive of the downtown core. Kelowna residents and tourists alike find the lakes offer wonderful opportunities for boating, swimming or fishing. The nearby mountains attract hikers, skiers and outdoor enthusiasts of all descriptions. Three major ski hills are within a one-hour drive.

Often described as a four-season playground, there really isn’t a bad time to live or visit the Okanagan. Kelowna receives over 2,000 hours of sunshine each year with the average summer temperature being 27 degrees Celsius!

Kelowna has become the main marketing and distribution centre of the Okanagan Valley, with a flourishing tree fruit industry and a growing light industrial sector that competes on a world scale. Best known for forestry and the manufacture of boats, plastics, fibreglass, body armour and oil field equipment, Kelowna also has a growing high technology sector that includes aerospace development and service. Serving over 1.5 million passengers and offering more than 66 daily non-stop flights to eight of the largest North American gateway airports, Kelowna International Airport YLW is the 10th busiest airport in Canada.   As well there is currently development in the discussion to increase the size of our airport.  It most certainly is not the size of Calgary or Vancouver but it certainly is growing at a strong rate.   Kelowna’s best kept secret isn’t the temperate climate, the beautiful vistas or the diverse community; it’s the fact it has become an entrepreneurial mecca and high tech hub that continues to make waves in the tech industries worldwide.

Companies like Club Penguin (Disney Interactive), Kelowna Flightcraft, StarDyne, Vineyard Networks (Procera Networks), Hyper Hippo, Bananatag, and QHR Technologies were created and now thrive here in the Okanagan.


The higher education system in Kelowna will also helpful to understand as this draws a large audience to our region which in turn increases demand for housing.  UBC-Okanagan provides post-secondary education in a variety of degree programs and is continuing to grow in both its services and programs offered.  Okanagan College (purchased by McGill University) which provides trades, technical, adult education, and university and transfer programs. The Centre for Arts and Technology CATO has a myriad of courses including digital art, animation, audio engineering and production, studio production, graphic and digital design, digital marketing online and network administrator specialist to name a few.


Kelowna is home to a variety of medical offices, specialists, surgeons, family physicians, dentists, holistic practitioners, and chiropractors. Kelowna General Hospital is the largest and most comprehensive medical facility in the southern interior of BC, and includes a full treatment cancer clinic.


The culture in Kelowna diverse and plentiful.  Kelowna is the place to be for nightlife and events. There are several locations to see live theatre and music. There’s a symphony orchestra, opera, and several venues that have everything from country to rock, pop, jazz, blues and club music.  Art galleries, shopping, and great dining, from mom and pop cafes to five star restaurants, dot the downtown core. The Okanagan Symphony, Kelowna Actor’s Studio, Bumbershoot Children’s Theatre, Theatre Kelowna and Viva Musica, Lake Country School of Dance are just a few of the theatre, performance and music companies offering live performances in the Kelowna area.  Kelowna is also home to and vibrant art community with a variety of art galleries, artist studios, dance studios and theatre or music classes.

Spring to Fall activities include hiking, biking, running, walking, and explore the trails of the area. In the winter, if you choose, you can tackle a run on one of the several local ski hills. It is not uncommon in the spring to golf in the morning and go skiing or snowboarding in the afternoon.   There are a variety of indoor and outdoor recreation and sporting opportunities available in Kelowna. Some of the more popular attractions include Big White Ski Resort, zip line adventures and the historic Myra Canyon Trestles.

Whether you are looking for the challenge of a world-class championship course such as Gallagher’s Canyon, The Kelowna Golf and Country Club or The Harvest Golf Club or you are simply eager to play, finding a course in your area is easy.  Many golf courses operate from February or March to October or November (weather determined).

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Buying a home ​as ​an investment home in Kelowna​ is an adventure.  It requires a knowledgeable, patient and caring guide​, and especially when the clients are realtors!​

Choosing ​Rachelle as our Realtor was the right choice.  She guided us through the whole journey and provided the professional support we needed to get through a competitive process (and to ultimately find the perfect house). Her tact, candour, ​promptness, ​and cheerful manner made the whole experience enjoyable. ​She helped us with the contacts for renovations required to make the home perfect for the new tenant. ​We will always go to ​Rachelle for our real estate needs ​in the Okanagan ​and encourage others to do the same​. ​She is terrific!

Iain and Laurie, Vancouver

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